Postcard album on Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest state in the Central American region, surrounded by Costa Rica, Honduras, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua is only just north of the Equator, giving it an attractive climate as a tourism destination – which is the second largest industry in the nation. Stamp albums are a very popular way that people document their holidays to Nicaragua and other holiday destinations, and they often include photo’s, brochures, postcards and any other memorabilia from their travels. Professional Briefmarkenauktion (stamp auction) brochures can also be produced to give background to potential visitors to Nicaragua, providing a great way to drive new tourism business to the country.Nicaraguan tourism has grown 70% in the last 7 years, making it a vital part of the national economy. There are many reasons for this, including a growth in American tourists to the country and a general rise in the visibility of the nation among overseas visitors. It helps that Nicaragua is a beautiful country to begin with, with the geographical features and climate to entice visitors from all over the globe. The city of Granada is one of the most popular hot spots in Nicaragua, as are the cities of Leon and Masaya, and areas like the San Juan del Sur, San Juan River, Mombacho Volcano and the Corn Islands. With so many diverse tourist destinations to visit, it is a great place for tourists to keep a holiday album so were you to partake in buying stamps (Briefmarken Ankauf) you could save and document their many memories.

Every year over 60,000 people visit Nicaragua from the United States of America, and this is the first country that should be targeted by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Tourism for promotion. While many tourists keep a personal scrapbook of their travels, professional mass produced versions can also be made for promotional reasons. A short background to the nation, along with pictures and information about the countries greatest attractions could go a long way to ensuring the continual success of the Nicaraguan tourism industry.